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  • PVDF Resin in Membrane
  • PVDF Resin in Membrane
  • PVDF Resin in Membrane
  • PVDF Resin in Membrane

    Anpu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 and specializes as a trader of lithium-ion battery materials.We are one of the largest and most successful traders of lithium battery materials in China. We represent the best lithium battery material brands in China, such as PVDF (electrode adhesive PVDF powder), SP (conductive carbon black), CMC (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose), etc. We cooperate with the top ten customers in the fields of energy storage batteries, power batteries, and electric tool batteries.

    Product Description

    Sinodur® PVDF resin has excellent chemical resistance, mechanical properties and durability,

    which makes it as an ideal material for MF and UF membranes. It can be dissolved in general

    solvents, and has good processing properties and high bulk density. It is suitable to make

    PVDF membrane by NIPS and TIPS methods. We have a series of Sinodur® PVDF resins for

    different customers to choose:

    Emulsion polymer: Sinodur® 2201, with medium molecular weight and medium viscosity,

    suitable for membrane with high water flux.

    Suspension polymer: Sinodur® 2212, with relatively low molecular weight ,low viscosity, and

    good solubility, suitable for UF hollow fiber membrane; Sinodur@2215, with medium molecular

    weight and medium viscosity, suitable for both reinforced and unreinforced hollow fiber

    membrane; Sinodur@ 2220, with high molecular weight and high viscosity, suitable for reinforced

    hollow fiber membrane.

    Product Features

    • High-quality PVDF resin used in membrane production
    • Membrane allows for easy extraction of the core without expansion
    • Durable and long-lasting PVDF membrane
    • Optimal performance and efficiency with PVDF resin
    • Resistant to chemicals and harsh environments

    Application of PVDF

    • PVDF Resin in Membrane is used in filtration systems for water treatment.
    • It is applied in the manufacturing of durable and high-performance membranes for ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.
    • The PVDF Resin in Membrane is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry for drug purification processes.
    • It finds application in the food and beverage industry for the filtration of liquids, ensuring product quality and safety.
    • PVDF Resin in Membrane is also utilized in the chemical industry for separation and purification of various substances.


    PVDF Resin in Membrane

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