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  • Coating Grade PVDF Resin

    Anpu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 and specializes as a trader of lithium-ion battery materials.We are one of the largest and most successful traders of lithium battery materials in China. We represent the best lithium battery material brands in China, such as PVDF (electrode adhesive PVDF powder), SP (conductive carbon black), CMC (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose), etc. We cooperate with the top ten customers in the fields of energy storage batteries, power batteries, and electric tool batteries.

    Product Description

    Sinodur®PVD can be mixed with acrylic resin and additives to form a baked PvDF fuorocarboncoating with excellent performance, This coating can be used for aluminum workpiece andaluminum curtain wall, such as plate, profile, window frame, door frame, etc.The service life can reach more than 20 years, Before coating, the substrate must be pretreatedit could be applied with wet on wet process i.e,2c-1B or 3C-1B system, Sinodur®PVD2110B is anupdated product of Sinodur®PVD 2110 which is charactered by fluorine-free surfactant polymerizationprocess,more environmentally friendly.We provide excellent performance PVDF resin and PVDF fluorocarbon coating to meet yourrequirements.

    Product Features

    • Coating Grade PVDF Resin: Specifically designed for use in Coating Grade PVDF Resin applications.
    • PVDF Resin: Made from high-quality PVDF material for superior performance.
    • Core Extraction: The resin can be easily extracted from the core without the need for expansion.
    • High Purity: Ensures a high level of purity for optimal coating results.
    • Wide Application Range: Suitable for various coating applications due to its versatility and compatibility.

    Application of PVDF Resin

    • Coating Grade PVDF Resin is ideal for architectural coatings.
    • It provides excellent weather resistance and color retention.
    • This PVDF Resin is perfect for industrial coatings due to its outstanding chemical resistance.
    • It can be used for coating metal substrates, such as aluminum and steel.
    • Coating Grade PVDF Resin offers exceptional durability and UV resistance.
    • Sinodur®PVDF mixed with acrylic resin, additives, etc., can form a superior baking-type PVDF fluorocarbon coating. This coating can be used for aluminum workpieces and aluminum curtain walls, such as sheets, profiles, window frames, door frames, etc., with a service life of over twenty years. The substrate must undergo pretreatment before painting, generally using a two-coat-one-bake or three-coat-one-bake construction process.

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