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This solid-state battery factory in Europe was opened and the first 20Ah cells have been produced


Basquevolt makes breakthrough in solid-state battery technology with successful production of 20Ah battery and plans for 80Ah batteries by end of year

    Recently, Spanish solid state battery developer Basquevolt announced that the company's "A sample line" in Spain has successfully produced the first 20Ah battery, and is expected to be able to manufacture 80Ah batteries by the end of this year. 

Revolutionizing the Battery Industry: A Look at the State-of-the-Art Plant Producing High-Energy Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles

    It is reported that the construction of the plant began in the summer of 2023, covering an area of 4,500 square meters, the plant has a process process that meets current lithium-ion battery industry standards, including the manufacture of patented electrolytes. The plant is now operational and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for manufacturing batteries, enabling it to produce the first 20Ah batteries, with the first samples to be delivered to potential customers in the coming months. The company plans to expand the production process to 80Ah batteries in a few months, which means getting cells with enough energy density to make battery packs for electric vehicles.

The Future of Electric Vehicles: Solid-State Batteries Leading the Way

    Compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries (liquid), the technology developed by Basquevolt is already considered the "battery technology of the future" because solid-state batteries will allow the emergence of a "new generation of batteries" : with higher energy density (up to 50%), safer (non-flammable) and lower cost (approximately 30% less). "Our company's goal is to drive the true adoption of electric vehicles with 'Made in Europe' technology. The cost of electric vehicles is much higher than that of traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, and it is not enough to establish a regulatory framework to ban fuel vehicles, it must be made available to the billions of people who cannot currently afford electric vehicles, "said Francisco Carranza, CEO of Basquevolt.  

 Basquevolt: Leading the Charge in Solid-State Battery Technology in Europe

    Basquevolt is a company focused on the development of solid-state battery technology, aiming to become the European leader in the next generation of solid-state lithium battery technology, based on the CIC energiGUNE patented composite electrolyte. In addition to producing 20Ah batteries, Basquevolt also plans to produce solid-state batteries at its 1GWh plant in Victoria-Gasteitz by the end of 2025, with the goal of reaching 10GWh production by 2027. The goal is supported by the founding shareholders of the Basque government, Iberdrola, CIE Automotive, Enagas, EIT InnoEnergy and CIC energiGUNE.


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